—– Đọc bài tiếng Việt —–

“Cam” is a story of hardship and struggles for the dreams of love, social equality, independence and free will of two Vietnamese women. A grandmother journeyed on foot through the war-zoned jungles and mountains of Vietnam with her three young children to reunite with her husband in the 1940s. And a granddaughter started a new life in America in the twenty-first century as a graduate student. They are separated by vast generation and time gaps but share the same challenges and beliefs in life. Aiming high, they ditched ancient traditions, challenged new customs, and made sense of discrimination and confusion of identity.

Like her grandma, the granddaughter learned that loss and gain are best mediated by putting efforts to shape the future. Combining her childhood memories and new experiences in America, the book portrays post-war Vietnam, and her tribulations and triumphs when around her worlds mix and conflict. For one growing up under communism in Sài Gòn, Vietnam, among a generation that had no memory of the Vietnam War, the granddaughter had only fresh eyes to view the twenty-first century immigration story in America. Is the US a slice of paradise where she could fulfill her dreams?

“Cam” is my working manuscript in English. The Vietnamese versionIn will follow. I designed the book cover for fun. The background painting on it is digital artwork by Bien Hoang. The title is temporary until I come up with something else.

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