It has been an eye-opening experience to prep my two booklets for printing, with two different companies, on my own. Obviously I did not have a good experience with the first company that is why I moved on to the second one. What I learned with the first company, five-starred reviews and all, is that if you do not know enough about computer matters, software and apps, you are out there to be gotten. Tech reps from the printing company will offer to fix all your problems, for a small price per problem. Not surprisingly, they can point out so many problems with your file. And when you don’t know enough, you cannot tell the real one from the fake ones. They do it without shame.

My experience with the first company made me think about the time we live in right now. The lack of this, one word, describes it: integrity. There is no integrity any more, in most of what is happening around us.

Well, not absolutely so. I had a good experience with the second company. Their excellent services balanced out the evils of others, in a way. Does that mean there is still hope out there?

The booklets in print are not readily available everywhere for now. But I made the ebooks available on Amazon. Enjoy!

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