VASCAM concert 2018 *Of Times and Perspectives*

After a massive success last year, VASCAM is back to Musco Center for the Arts in Orange city, CA., to open its third year of activity on Sunday March 25, 2018 with a concert at 4pm. As one of the six artistic affiliates at Musco, including LA Opera and Philharmonic Society of Orange County, VASCAM promises a beautiful concert: *Of Times and Perspectives*.

The concert portrays a journey of five living Vietnamese overseas composers spanning five different generations. Continue reading


ON LIFE. A Narrative Concert: It’s all about aesthetics


—– Đọc bài tiếng Việt —–

Resounding drumming. ON LIFE begins with the drum.

A universal tool existing in all cultures known to mankind, the drum is used for communication and rituals, among other things. “It is like a communal voice,” VASCAM president P. Q. Phan said. For a meeting, an announcement, a signal for attack or retreat in war time, a rallying sound, and so on. A warm association of the drum that brings sweetness to Vietnamese people’s ears dates back thousands of years. According to K. W. Taylor, author of A History of the Vietnamese, the Âu và Lạc peoples of ancient Vietnam traveled on water. They announced their arrival by beating on bronze drums. Today, archeological artifacts confirmed those drums as belonging to the Đông Sơn culture that dated more than 500 years BC and lasted to the first century. These bronze drums were used for communication and rituals, not musical instruments onstage. Then again in the 18th century, Emperor Quang Trung was known for the battle drum that bolstered his soldiers’ spirit serving as attack signals, and that turned celebratory in tone upon their sweeping victory. At the Quang Trung Museum in Tây Sơn, Bình Định province, one could catch this drum performance at certain times during the week.

Why does ON LIFE begin with the drum? Continue reading