After a massive success last year, VASCAM is back to Musco Center for the Arts in Orange city, CA., to open its third year of activity on Sunday March 25, 2018 with a concert at 4pm. As one of the six artistic affiliates at Musco, including LA Opera and Philharmonic Society of Orange County, VASCAM promises a beautiful concert: *Of Times and Perspectives*.

The concert portrays a journey of five living Vietnamese overseas composers spanning five different generations. From self-taught to formally trained, the composers exhibit compelling and diverse musical expressions which allow each and everyone in the audience to find some liking to their taste and relevancy to their life. Starting with a solo clarinet, symphonic songs, and a percussion concerto, a large part of the show climaxes in dramatic scenes of Thị Kính, Thị Mầu and Mẹ Mõ—the iconic female characters in the opera The Tale of Lady Th Kính by P. Q. Phan. In turn, the characters represent kindness, love and wisdom.

Thị Mầu tán tỉnh Tiểu Kính Tâm – Thị Mầu flirting with the young monk (Photos © Anvi Hoàng)

More details of what to expect at VASCAM concert 2018 *Of Times and Perspectives* at Musco Center for the Arts are a humorous Mãng Ông, a high-spirited Thị Mầu, a word play between Lý Trưởng and Mẹ Mõ, Sư Cụ’s debate on rules and a second chance, and contemplation of life and humanity by Thị Kính. It is a story that makes you cry, laugh, and ponder all at the same time via memorable characters.

*Of Times and Perspectives* is a large production with participation of professional artists flying in from all over the country. Of the 10 soloists, a clarinetist (PhD student) arrives from Boston, Massachusetts, a coloratura-soprano (lecturer) is based at Baylor University, Texas, a mezzo-soprano (professional) from San Jose, California, a tenor (professor) and a bass-baritone (professor) from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte NC, and five others live in Southern California—a percussionist (PhD), two versatile opera singers (professional), a dramatic-soprano (BM), and a lyric-soprano. On top of that, there will be a 10-piece VASCAM Ensemble, 27-piece Ngàn Khơi Chorus, a conductor (professor) from the University of Redlands, and five composers—a Philadelphian (PhD student), a Texan, a Hoosier (professor), a French, and a Californian.

Tiểu Kính Tâm/Thị Kính bị vu oan là cha của đứa trẻ — Tiểu Kính Tâm the young monk is wrongly accused (Photos © Anvi Hoàng)

VASCAM aims to maintain its artistic vision while bringing home to the audience an experience both unique and relevant—one that is shared among and a talk of communities.

* VASCAM offers discount tickets to group purchase. Contact for more information. VASCAM also provides press tickets. Please email if interested.

March 25. 4PM. Musco Center.
Tickets at Viễn Đông, Tú Quỳnh,