When I had a chance to look at my own country with an extra point of view of – not just a local, but also a visitor with a different perspective, I shivered to realize how beautiful Việt Nam is. It truly is. You would not find anything like Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, or Mall of America, ect. – things on a big scale like in America. Instead, a unique way of combining colors and shapes and sizes in these houses and those little shops and cafes, and the sensuous green make you feel easily at home, right the first time you see them. Intimacy is the term. Things and people present and the atmosphere created are not to impress you, but to invite you in. So, relax, and enjoy!


Green space in the city
This cushion with its textured cover made me feel more cozy than “clean and neat.”
Can you imagine having lunch in this environment? It is for real!
One coffee place – common for people to come for a drink and a conversation. Food will be an unwelcoming distraction here.