Sài Gòn 2012, Week 1: Think twice!

The city center at night

I set my mission to look for beautiful things in Việt Nam as I visited the country the second time after more than ten years away. I found it difficult to do so in Sài Gòn, at first. Besides the obvious presence of constant crowds and an enormous amount of construction dusts everywhere, l also believe the temporal and spatial dimensions you carry with you as you leave one place to enter another are important. I was in Seoul, South Korea, before setting foot on Sài Gòn, Việt Nam. From Seoul to Sài Gòn, there is definitely a lot of information to process – given the irresistible desire of the mind for comparison.  So I was pretty confused and depressed most of the first week.

Electric wires
Electric wires

All three pictures in this post do not represent anything “interesting, excited, or exotic.” It is all about pain in the neck and pain in the ass. And pain in the heart of many Vietnamese. Imagine having to deal with the crowds and dusts and chaos on a daily basis. This requires a lot of patience, tolerance, and resilience, to say the least.


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