Flowers on the side of the road.

–> Đọc bài đầy đủ tiếng Việt.

I would never imagine one day I would associate ‘intimacy’ with California. Neither could I believe the moment of intimacy happened when I was in Fullerton, Southern California. But it did.


Even though I am not a fan of the highway travel kind of lifestyle in southern California, I cannot resist the warm weather and the year-round colors of flowers and trees in the area. So I keep coming back and having fun there.


One day in early spring, my husband and I were walking in downtown Fullerton. I was suddenly struck by how cozy and intimate the area is. Forget the highways, these small roads are the place to be – and they are abundant in any small city in this southern part of California. Trees line the streets, and flowers cover the sky above your head. I could not help feeling so at home. Just like that. And the spring breezes took me back to where I want to remember.

What do you see looking up: Green palm leaves and purple flowers in the sky.
What do you see looking down: a beautiful tree trunk.
What do you see looking up again: red flowers in the blue sky.
Trees trimmed for a shape: a very common landscape feature in Việt Nam, now common in Orange County and beyond.
Shady, tree-lined streets – so much a reminder of Sài Gòn.
Green and purple color the sides of the streets.
Covered in leaves.
Bright and beautiful.
Red banana flower woven in green and blue background.
Attractive murals.

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