Taking-turns artwork

Tranh kỹ thuật số của Hoàng Ngọc Biên - Digital artwork by Hoàng Ngọc Biên
Tranh kỹ thuật số của Hoàng Ngọc Biên – Digital artwork by Hoàng Ngọc Biên

—– Đọc bài tiếng Việt —– 

There is one way to make artworks from our favorite artists become more affordable. I call this Taking-Turns Artwork project.

If there are two people, for example, putting money together, annually, at the beginning of the year to buy or commission an artwork, we already have a Taking-Turns Artwork project. At the end of the year, one person receives the artwork, and we have a celebration get-together. The second person, in turn, collects the second artwork the next year. We gather, wine and dine, admire our artwork, and celebrate art and culture. A Taking-Turns Artwork project like this becomes very appealing and doable. We spend less money each year, we do an incredible and a very meaningful thing every year, and we each get one original painting every two years. If there are three people working together, it will be a 3-year Taking-Turns Artwork project. The more people join, the more money there is, the more appealing the project becomes, the more choices there are with types of artworks and duration of a turn, and the more fun we have.

I call this living with style.

The catch is you can only do this kind of project with people you trust!

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