A teardrop from God

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The poster of “On The Streets.” © Yxineff.com

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Within the first twenty seconds, Khúc Tình Phố (On The Streets) is able to hold the viewers’ attention and lead them to the end of the documentary leaving them full of thoughts as their eyes turned from the screen. That is a success. In two words, ‘raw life’ is the main attraction of this 16-minute plus documentary. Continue reading


Marcus Mạnh Cường Vũ and Friends Party Online

Portraits of Vietnamese in 21C 


YxineFF Kick Off event in Hà Nội, April 2013 – Photo from YxineFF.com.

—– Đọc bài tiếng Việt —– 

With purely a strong passion for cinema, Marcus Mạnh Cường Vũ and a group of ten other friends created Yxine.com in 2003. It was a destination forum for cinema lovers all over the world. In 2010, wishing to elevate their game to a new level, they established Yxine Film Fest, or in brief YxineFF. As a simple explanation, it is an online film festival where the call for submission, the film submission, the selection, the screening, the viewing, the voting are all done virtually. Continue reading