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Sunrise over the lake

—– Đọc bài tiếng Việt —– 

People in Sài Gòn used to consider Đà Lạt a place they come to cool themselves down, especially in summer. I don’t think it holds true any more. The temperature in Đà Lạt has been rising up over the years to the point electric fans have been used in summer, a phenomenon unheard of approximately ten years back. Still, Đà Lạt has numerous other things to offer visitors from out of town.

Staying: Any hotel room up high that gives you a view of the lake is worth all the money. The sunrise, the sunset, and the sunshine over the lake never fail to tickle your heart.

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Sunset over the lake

Sightseeing: After all is said and done about the gardens and the lakes and the valleys, Đà Lạt is amazingly striking on foot as red-roof houses on the hills keep popping up unexpectedly at every corner.

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The corner of your eyes
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Another corner of your eyes

Dining: For a red-carpet dining experience that is affordable at the same time, come to Nam Phan restaurant. It would be a memory you find difficult to forget.

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View of the city from Nam Phan restaurant.

Interacting: For a local and universal sensibility, stop by Linh Sơn temple. Besides the quiet and sacred atmosphere there not found at a regular tourist temple, and without the need to count your luck, you will see a monk or two who are hanging around the bookshop area willing to engage in a conversation. More often than not, they are kind, friendly, and doctoral degree holders who can satisfy your spiritual curiosity.

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