da nang-9

Hàn river and Sông Hàn bridge: A bridge over ‘colored’ water.

—– Đọc bài tiếng Việt —– 

Envied for its incredible blessings from nature, Đà Nẵng, located in the center of Việt Nam, is graced with a river across the city and miles of white sand beaches. Its beauty is enhanced these days with the accomplishment of two new unique bridges raising the total number to nine befitting a good luck numerology. Nearly three million tourists visit Đà Nẵng each year, and there is hope that the number is growing. I can testify to that.

Of all the wonderful things that Đà Nẵng has to offer, here are my three most favorites.

The people. I cannot talk enough about them. They are very friendly, honest, kind, and opinionated. They help make your stay a pleasant and possibly memorable one.

da nang-1

I call them “Made in Đà Nẵng” residents. They stayed when the war ended in 1975, they bonded, and they grew strong in life. Plus, they have a very good sense of humor.

The beaches. Feel the softness under your feet from the very fine white sand. Fill your eyes with breath-taking colors from the water. Then swim in the crystal clear warm water. I feel sorry for Somerset Maugham, Aldous Huxley, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, etc. who had missed Đà Nẵng by dozens of years – from Việt Nam’s disadvantaged temporal and spatial circumstances. Compared to the French Riviera, Đà Nẵng is, in fact, materialistically more note-worthy.

da nang-2

Mỹ Khê beach at sunrise.

da nang-3

Nam Ô beach.

da nang-4

Blue, more blue, and white – Mỹ Khê beach.

da nang-5

Paradise is here – Mỹ Khê beach.

Night light and night life. Get downtown near Hàn river and the bridges at sunset. When the sun is down and the light is up, the city glitters like jewels. Shut down your judgment, and you will see yourself in a timeless modern city – only to be woken up to a humid reality by the tropical river breeze. Welcome to Đà Nẵng!

da nang-6

Hàn river, Dragon bridge (yellow), and Trần Thị Lý bridge before sunset.

da nang-7

Hàn river and the city at sunset.

da nang-8

Night light on the bridges.

da nang-10

Paradise of light.