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Seoul 2012, Day 16: The final … favorites


I do believe that a visitor is always a visitor. No matter how hard I try to see things beneath the surface, my observations not only reflect a visitor’s perspective more than anything else but also is bias in many ways. I do, however, want to clear the air and say that even though in my eyes the beautiful things in Seoul are overwhelmingly abundant, I do see poverty here as well. And hear about things that are not very pleasant. So before I go on to talk about yet another great thing about Seoul, let me give you one example – not in any way a light one. Continue reading

Seoul 2012, Day 12: The winners take it all

Seoul is “crazy,” let’s put it that way – one of the most lively city of all. It is no surprise that everybody is busy in Seoul. As I watch people hurry on the streets, for a moment, I thought they are just too busy being busy like many many people in big cities. Continue reading

Seoul 2012, Day 5: The stairs that lead to nowhere

It is not a new thing to say that Korean people are obsessed with beauty, in their own way and in different areas. With their meticulous attention to detail, and my not wanting to compare, I would just say that everything I see in Seoul has a clean, neat lines in design. Take a look at their chopsticks and spoon, and start from there – very elegant, simple and modern. Continue reading

Seoul 2012, Day 3: Colors

Fall colors in Seoul

The first thing that strikes a visitor to Seoul in Fall is the incredible colors. The Koreans love Japanese maples, both red and yellow, for many reasons. First, they give mesmerizing shades of colors. Second, they are slow-growing and therefore can form a compact forest within the limited land mass on a small campus or behind a building. Continue reading

Seoul 2012, Day 2: A Meal Fit for a King

Any visitor to Korea will surely be treated with a Korean traditional meal. The presentation is exquisite and the whole meal an incredible experience. In total, there will be over 15 dishes. The number of dishes, the way each is prepared and how sophisticated it can be, vary among restaurants. But in general the number of dishes and the order they are served are pretty much similar. Continue reading

Seoul 2012, Day 1: Arrival

24-hour traffic jam is an everyday reality in Seoul. During the drive from the airport to your destination, expect congestion as you enter the city – even at midnight. I am serious. As one gets stuck in the traffic, one cannot help but wondering what Seoul people are doing on the street at midnight. Talking about nightlife and a sleepless city! Continue reading