Seoul 2012, Day 8: Force of Fashion?


who will



comfort for


Tell me,







The answer is: Korean women, duh.

Never seen this before: a beauty shop on campus. No, this is not where you have your hair cut and done. You find skin care and cosmetic products, as well as beauty accessories here.

And this as well: mirrors the size of a gigantic front door are placed at strategic spots inside campus buildings to help you make sure you look presentable at all times.

40F (5°C) in Seoul feels like 32 (0°C) in Bloomington, IN. In this 30 or 40 degree weather, I shiver in jeans. Looking around, my Korean counterparts are chic in very short dresses or shorts, and stockings. I bow down to them.


  1. Who is this poetry by? I must admit, my female Korean friends are very stylish and have very fair skin, including those who are in the US for a long time. Nice concise writing, as usual!

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