It’s all about the people – visitors would tell you as they describe one of the best things about traveling to Việt Nam.

I could not agree more. Coming to Việt Nam this time with two pairs of eyes, mine are drawn to the encounters with the locals.

Getting out of the airport, you’ll immediately find yourself enveloped in the “total impact” of the incredible noises, movements, chaos, and fluctuations of human emotions – raw like honey dripping off the beehives, chunks of it, breaking to pieces, shining in the sun.

Simultaneously, I couldn’t help thinking about the different shades of red of the pomegranate seeds glittering in the light.

My favorites were from the xe ôm (motorbike taxis) drivers. Their stories were so raw-ful-ly honest they gave me chills…

You know this is fragile and sacred territory. So tread lightly. Or else…